At Classic Motors through nearly 40 years in business, vehicles have continuously evolved and technologies always improving, so we continue to equip ourselves with the latest diagnostic equipment to provide our customers with the most efficient support they need when engine light faults occur.

Check Engine Light. … The check engine light is part of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. Computers have control and monitor vehicle performance, regulating such variables as engine speed (RPM), fuel mixture, and ignition timing, and may even tell the automatic transmission when to shift.

If your Air Bag Light is on, it could also indicate a problem with your seat belts. Your Air Bag or SRS Light might also come on if your vehicle airbag system has malfunctioned or if your vehicle was in an accident that activated the crash sensors in your car, but not to the point where the air bag was deployed.

If your ABS warning light is on it finds it’s lacking data, or a hydraulic pump or valve isn’t responding, it illuminates the ABS warning light on the dash. ABS relies on a properly operating conventional brake system. If the ABS packs up, you should still have normal, unassisted braking, so it should be safe to continue your journey to your local garage for a diagnostic check.


A timing belt, timing chain or cam belt synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and the camshaft(s) so that the engine’s valves open and close at the proper times during each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes.

If the timing belt snaps, they run into each other, causing bent valves (most common), cylinder head or camshaft damage, and possibly piston and cylinder wall damage. While it is possible that no damage could occur from a snapped belt on an interference engine, such a case is unlikely.

We can provide you with your replacement intervals for your timing belt or you can check via your vehicles handbook.

Timing Belt Tools our designed for locking timing belt gears during service. To retain engine timing position during timing belt removal and installation, twin camshafts must be locked on their timing marks. Classic Motors if fully equipped to carry out Timing belt replacements. So try us now for a free quotation on 01225702550.


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Great customer service! Being a 27 year old female driver I have very limited car knowledge but the wonderful gents that work here were very helpful and patient with me. Had a full MOT and four brand new tires that were in the same day! Efficient and friendly – great garage. Would definitely recommend! Read More 5 star reviews on Classic Motors Ltd here – Testimonials